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Dutch as a second language

Dutch for non-native speakers (NT2)

The Rotterdamse Volksuniversiteit has a completely renewed package of Dutch as a second language (NT2). In our new program we offer classroom lessons, online lessons and hybrid lessons. The hybrid lessons are a combination of classroom and online lessons. Everyone can learn Dutch with us, as long as you have mastered the Latin (Western) script.

Blik op Werk and DUO loan
It is possible to follow integration courses financed with a loan from DUO (you can also pay yourself). These courses prepare the students for ‘het inburgeringsexamen’ (the integration exam). These courses include KNM lessons, exam training, textbooks and the ICE tests. There are separate courses for ONA (Orientatie Nederlandse Arbeidsmarkt). These courses are officially approved by the Blik op Werk quality mark. If you want to follow an integration course, make an appointment for an intake interview and level test: 010 476 12 00 or send an email to

Regular NT2 courses
In addition to the Integration courses, we offer a complete NT2 package. There are courses during the day and in the evening. A difference was made in the degree of independence and the degree of support of the teacher. More independence means more homework, less guidance and fewer lessons. More support means more explanation, more lessons at school and less homework. We make a difference between minimum, standard and extra support.

The offer is divided into five levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1. Halfway we take an test and at the end of the course we take a final test at all levels. The first test is a method-related test and the final test is  the official TOA tests. You must pass at least three of the four skills for the final test and "be on the way to" for the fourth skill in order to register for the next level. If you do not pass the level, you can follow the ‘instroom’ cursus  where the main themes are repeated again.

The B1 and B2-courses prepare you for het Staatsexamen I and II  (State Exam Program I and II). You have to enroll yourself for the exams.

Register for Regular NT2 courses
You can register for all regular courses via the registration form on the website or at the Volksuniversiteit. For the courses A0-A1 and A0-A2 you have to take a learnability test (costs). The result of the test determines whether we advise you to follow a minimum, standard or extra support course.

If you have already taken a course or learned the language in another way, you may be able to start at a higher level. With the help of the textbook you can estimate your level. Then register for this level. Then you also have to take the learnability test and an intake test, which costs € 15. I takes approximately 3 hours. The result of the test determines the level and type of course with which you can start. You can make an appointment for this via or 010-4761200.

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